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General InformationBecky Lynch - Facts @ (3)
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Real NameRebecca Quin
Weight and Height135 lbs. (61 kg) at 5'6'' (1.68 m)
BirthplaceLimerick, Limerick (Ireland)
Date of Birth30th January 1987 (age 37)
Debut11th November 2002 (21 years ago)

Becky Lynch - Facts @ (4)
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AliasBecky Lynch, Komeera, La Luchadora, Rebecca Knox
Typical Error(s)Rebecca Quinn
Note: In the internet, it frequently happens that wrestler names are spelled wrong. Misspelled names are mentioned here, so the workers can be found by those users who memorised misspellings instead of the correct names, too.
NicknamesBig Time Becks, K-Nox, Lass Kicker, The Man
Familiy TiesBecky Lynch is the sister of Gonzo de Mondo and the wife of Seth Rollins.
TrainerWas trained byFinn Bálor, Gonzo de Mondo, Paul Tracey, Sara Amato and WWE Performance Center.
FinisherFalcon Arrow (Hard Knox), Fujiwara Armbar (Disarmher) and Springboard Legdrop
Trademark MovesArmbar, Exploder Suplex, Fisherman Neckbreaker, Huracánrana, Leglock, Uranage (T-Bone Suplex) and Wristlock
Tag TeamsTeam B.A.E. with Sasha Banks (as Becky Lynch)
StablesFour Horsewomen with Bayley, Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks (as Becky Lynch)
PCB with Charlotte and Paige (as Becky Lynch)
Managed byManaged by Scotty Mac.
Tournament Wins WWE Women's Royal Rumble 2019 (27th January 2019)
Matches FoughtStatistics and information about the 1006 matches fought by Becky Lynch in our events database
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- Rebecca Quin received her initial wrestling training at a school in her native Ireland run by Paul Tracey and her future WWE colleague Fergal Devitt. She made her debut in November 2002 under the name Komeera aged just 15. During her early career she often competed in mixed tag team matches on the Irish independent circuit alongside her elder brother, who wrestled under the name Gonzo de Mondo.
- In 2005 she changed her ring name to Rebecca Knox and began establishing herself throughout Europe. She secured her first title in June 2006 when she defeated Sweet Saraya for the vacant World championship of the French-based Queens of Chaos promotion. She completed a two tours of Japan in November 2005 and August 2006.
- She also branched out into North America, and had a ten-month reign as Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling’s SuperGirls champion, becoming the first ever holder of the belt when she defeated bitter rival Miss Chevius in June 2005 and defeating challengers such as LuFisto and Nikki Matthews before eventually losing it to Lisa Moretti, better known as WWE’s Ivory, in April 2006.
- She appeared at two tapings of Shimmer: Women Athletes in 2006, where she quickly established herself as the promotion’s top heel by faking an injury during a match with Allison Danger in order to gain victory. Her 30-minute 2-out-of-3 Falls match with Daizee Haze on Volume 5 came to be regarded as one of the best matches in the all-female promotion’s history. However, after suffering a head injury in Germany later in the year, the latest of several in her young career, Quin decided to leave the wrestling business and pursue other career paths. She did however make a return to SHIMMER in 2011, when she managed the mother-daughter tag team of Saraya and Britani Knight.
- During her time away from wrestling, Quin graduated from the Dublin Institute of Technology with a Drama degree. She also spent time working as a personal trainer, a flight attendant and a stuntwoman. She returned to the ring for a one-off match for Fight Factory Pro Wrestling in Ireland in 2008, and again in 2012. After her third appearance for the promotion in 2013, she had a successful tryout with WWE and in June moved to Florida to report to their developmental territory, NXT.
- Having taken the ring name Becky Lynch, she made her television debut on NXT in June 2014 as a babyface, however she would turn heel in October by attacking Bayley and aligning herself with Sasha Banks under the moniker of Team B.A.E. (Best At Everything). Their alliance broke down when Becky became number 1 contender to Sasha’s NXT Women’s title, which she unsuccessfully challenged her for at the Takeover: Unstoppable event.
- In July 2015 she made her debut on the main roster as a babyface, joining forces with Charlotte and Paige to form Team PCB.
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Becky Lynch - Facts @ (2024)


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