Pa State Criminal Background Check (2024)

1. PA State Police Criminal History Record Check

  • Go to "Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History (PATCH)" · Go to the "Help" option on the top of the page · When you hover over the "Help" option a drop down menu ...

  • There are two methods of requesting a Pennsylvania Criminal record:

PA State Police Criminal History Record Check

2. Criminal History Background Check - Pennsylvania State Police - PA.Gov

  • Record Check Status · Overview of the Pennsylvania... · Record Requests

  • Submit or check the status of a background check.

Criminal History Background Check - Pennsylvania State Police - PA.Gov

3. How to Obtain PA Mandated Background Check Certifications

  • It is easiest to go to the Pennsylvania Access To Criminal History (PATCH) website and apply for the criminal record check online with the Pennsylvania State ...

  • PA laws requiring mandated background checks will require many Scouting volunteers to get 2, possibly 3, background checks and they must be renewed every five years. What Clearances are needed […]

4. Criminal History Records – PA Office of Attorney General

  • The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General enforces state and federal laws governing the use of criminal history record information. The Civil Rights ...

5. [PDF] pennsylvania state police - request for criminal record check - SharpSchool

  • "Pennsylvania Access To Criminal History," (PATCH) Using this system, a requestor can apply for a criminal background check on an individual. Eighty-five ...

6. [PDF] Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background Check

  • The Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background Check can be completed through online submission OR by mailing in a paper copy. Online submission is a much ...

7. Background Check Requirements for Volunteers who Work with Minors

  • How do I obtain my PA State Criminal Clearance? Go to:; Click on “New Record Check”; Complete the required information; The ...

  • Volunteers who have direct contact with a Minor that involves the care, supervision, guidance or control of a Minor AND has routine interaction with a Minor must have completed the full set of background check clearances BEFORE they arrive on campus.


  • Click next. ➢ Record Check Details Page: Verify information is correct. Look for the blue text that says “Certification Form” and Click on Certification ...

9. Instructions for Obtaining a Pennsylvania State Police Criminal ...

  • Instructions for Obtaining a Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check for School of Education Field Placement Purposes (SELF PAY).

  • Drexel University's Department of Human Resources serves to support the University's most important element – people. Learn more about Instructions for Obtaining a Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check for School of Education Field Placement Purposes (SELF PAY) today.

Instructions for Obtaining a Pennsylvania State Police Criminal ...


  • By signing this form, I verify that I am submitting this request for criminal history record information in connection with my status as an unpaid volunteer. I ...

11. [PDF] Applying for the Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background Check

  • Applying for the Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background Check - Act 34. FOR CLERGY AND PAID STAFF. 1. Go to 2. Partway down ...

12. Pennsylvania State Background Check -

  • Employers are legally allowed to use criminal records—including felony and misdemeanor convictions—for employment-related decisions. However, the Human ...

  • Order a criminal record search for Pennsylvania and get your report in 1-3 days for 10$.

Pennsylvania State Background Check -

13. [PDF] ACT 34 PA State Police Criminal History Record

  • Go to the PA State Police website at 2. Click on the box - “Submit a New Record Check”. 3. Follow the instructions as prompted ...

14. Pennsylvania Background Checks | GoodHire

  • Mar 31, 2022 · ... criminal background checks, but Pennsylvania background checks can take many other forms: PA State Police Background Check. The Pennsylvania ...

  • Need a Pennsylvania background check? Learn more in our PA state guide & order background checks from GoodHire today.

Pennsylvania Background Checks | GoodHire

15. Guide to Pennsylvania Background Checks - Checkr

  • Mar 15, 2023 · Criminal background checksto search a candidate's criminal history, which may include federal, state, and county records to report felony or ...

  • Need a Pennsylvania background check? Learn more about criminal & employment screening in PA from Checkr today.

Guide to Pennsylvania Background Checks - Checkr

16. [PDF] Criminal History Clearance form (SP4-164)

  • REQUEST FOR CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK. 1-888-QUERYPA (1 ... against the information contained in the files of the Pennsylvania State Police Central Repository only.

17. 28 Pa. Code § 611.52 - Criminal background checks

  • The home care agency or home care registry may not hire, roster or retain an individual if the State Police criminal history record reveals a prohibited ...

  • (a) General rule. The home care agency or home care registry shall require each applicant for employment or referral as a direct care worker to submit a criminal history report obtained at the time of application or within 1 year immediately preceding the date of application. An applicant for employment as a member of the office staff for the home care agency or home care registry and the owner or owners of the home care agency or home care registry also are required to obtain a criminal history report in accordance with requirements contained in this section.

28 Pa. Code § 611.52 - Criminal background checks
Pa State Criminal Background Check (2024)


How do I check my criminal record in PA? ›

One of the primary means of accessing your criminal history is through ePATCH, which is the online portal to “Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History.” Anyone can run a background check of themselves or a loved one through ePATCH for a fee.

How long does a PA state criminal background check take? ›

How long does it take to get the clearances? Some of the clearances come back within a few minutes but it could take up to 4 weeks. The online application process depends on several factors but could take an hour or more in total.

What are the 3 PA clearances? ›

​Clearances/Background Checks

The following three background checks are required: Department of Human Services Child Abuse History Clearance. Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Records Check. Federal Criminal History Record Information (CHRI)

How far back does PA state background check go? ›

Pennsylvania is not one of these states: PA currently has no laws or regulations in place that stipulate a lookback period restriction for criminal history checks. As such, Pennsylvania employers can technically consider felonies or misdemeanors no matter how old the convictions are.

How can I find out if someone has a criminal record for free in PA? ›

Most public records in Pennsylvania are available online. The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania has an online case search tool that allows users to search for court case information for free. The City of Philadelphia and Allegheny County also have their own online case search tools.

What is the PA criminal record app? ›

The PAeDocket app is available on both the iPhone and iPad. The app allows mobile users to perform quick and easy searches from their devices for publicly accessible cases from magisterial district courts, common pleas courts and appellate courts.

How much does pa state criminal background check cost? ›

Fees. SP4-164 - $22; Standard record check request. Only this type of request can be notarized. Notary Fee - $5; optional, available for standard record check requests.

What shows up on a PA state police background check? ›

Summary offenses typically include minor convictions such as harassment, loitering, or disorderly conduct. Summary offenses are still considered criminal history, so they may show up on a Pennsylvania background check. Candidates should disclose these offenses if asked about criminal history on job applications.

Do misdemeanors go away in PA? ›

How long does a misdemeanor stay on your record? A misdemeanor does not disappear on its' own but they are eligible for record sealing if 10 years have passed without further misdemeanor or felony convictions. The Clean Slate Law will seal some misdemeanor convictions automatically.

How many years are clearances good for in PA? ›

Get a Clearance

Clearances are required for an employee or unpaid volunteer at a minimum of every 60 months from the date of the oldest clearance. Clearances may be required more frequently based on licensure or employer requirements.

What is PA Act 33 clearance? ›

Act 33 - Child Abuse History Clearance

In order to complete the online electronic application, you must first create a Keystone Key account and then submit an application.

How long are PA fingerprints good for? ›

If you have completed this specific Pennsylvania fingerprint clearance within the last five years, we will accept that complete clearance document and you do not need to be fingerprinted again – if you are a new hire, you will be required to sign the Penn State Health background disclosure form.

Can you work for the state of PA with a felony? ›

OPM or the hiring agency considers your criminal conduct in determining your suitability but there are no general prohibitions against hiring you.” That being said, obtaining a government position can be more challenging for people with former criminal convictions.

What is the most common background check for employment? ›

What Type of Background Check Do Most Employers Use?
  • #1 Criminal History Check. ...
  • #2 Verification of Previous Jobs. ...
  • #3 Verification of Education. ...
  • #4 Reference Check. ...
  • #5 Drug Testing. ...
  • #6 Check the Sexual Offender Registry.

How long is PA Act 34 clearance good for? ›

In order to comply with Pennsylvania legislation (ACT 153), your position requires that you secure a new Act 34 Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History (PATCH) every 60 months.

How to find Pennsylvania mugshots? ›

If your loved one is in jail at a local correctional facility, you might be able to view their mugshot online or in person at the jail. To see a mugshot online, you need the inmate's name and the date of their arrest. Mugshots are public records, which means you should receive access to them.

How do I get a copy of my clearances in PA? ›

Otherwise, to obtain a copy of your clearance certificate you may log in to your Child Welfare Account and go to the "PA Child Abuse History Clearance Account" screen. Here you may view submitted and / or processed applications.

How do I request public records in PA? ›

Find the Agency Open Records Officer

This is the person you should address your request to. Often, the best way to find the AORO's contact information is on the agency's website. If you can't find it there, or the agency doesn't maintain a website, search the Office of Open Records' (OOR) database of AOROs.

How do I get a copy of my FBI background check PA? ›

Contact the FBI Background Check Unit at 717-783-6211 or 1-877-371-5422.


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