Rhea Ripley: The Rise of a WWE Superstar [2024 Update] (2024)

Demi Bennett, aka Rhea Ripley, is a talented Australian professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, where she performs under the Raw brand.

She is currently SmackDown Women’s Champion and is in her first reign. Ripley defeated Flair to win the championship on Night 1 of WrestleMania 39 on 1 April 2023.

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This win made her the seventh Women’s Triple Crown champion and the youngest grand slam champion in WWE history at 23.

Known for her incredible in-ring skills and her tough-as-nails attitude, she is a member of the villainous stable, The Judgment Day, currently composed of Finn Bálor, Damian Priest, and Dominik Mysterio.

Quick Facts

Full NameDemi Bennett
Known AsDemiti Bennett
NicknameRhea Ripley
BirthdateOctober 11, 1996
Age27 Years Old
BirthplaceAdelaide,South Australia, Australia
Current ResidenceOrlando, Orange County, Florida, United States
FatherPeter Bennett
MotherAnna Bennett
SiblingsCalista Bennett (Younger Sister)
Marital StatusUnmarried
Relationship StatusDating
BoyfriendMatthew Adams, AKA Buddy Matthews
Sexual OrientationStraight
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde (Natural)
Height5 ft 8½ in/174 cm/1.74 m
Weight62 kg/136.5 lbs
Distinctive FeatureOften sports hair, pierced ears
Zodiac SignLibra
ProfessionProfessional Wrestler
EducationNot Known
AssociationWWE | Raw
Net Worth $1 Million
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter
Last UpdateFebruary 2024

Early Life & Family

The 27 years old professional wrestler Demi Bennett was born on 11 October 1996 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.

She is the oldest daughter of her parents, Peter and Anna Bennett.

Not much is known about Ripley’s parents except for their names, including their whereabouts.

Ripley shared her childhood with her younger sister Calista Bennett. Again, except for her name, no information on her beloved younger sister has been revealed.

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While Ripley has made her name in the wrestling scene by showcasing her incredible skills and athleticism, in contrast, her sister Calista has pursued different interests and passions.

Calista maintains a relatively private life but has been spotted sharing heartwarming snapshots alongside her older sister on popular social media platforms like Instagram.

These pictures show the close bond between the two siblings, highlighting their loving relationship and the support they have for each other.


Bennett’s professional wrestling career began in 2013 when she joined Riot City Wrestling, a promotion company based in Australia.

During her time there, she won the coveted RCQ Women’s Championship not just one but two times.

In June 2014, she made her Melbourne City Wrestling debut at MCW New Horizons, defending the RCW Women’s title against Savannah Summers and Toni Storm.

In 2017, because of her talent and hard work, she was offered a contract to sign with WWE.

Rhea Ripley: The Rise of a WWE Superstar [2024 Update] (3)

It was also announced that she would compete in the inaugural Mae Young Classicunder the new ring nameRhea Ripley.

On the 25 October 2017 episode of NXT, Ripley made her NXT debut in a battle royal to determine the contender for the vacant NXT Women’s Championship.

Even though she lost the match, her outstanding skills were dearly praised, earning her a repute as a formidable competitor.

WrestleMania 39

At WrestleMania 39, held on April 1, 2023, Saturday, Ripley achieved a monumental career milestone by defeating the legendary Charlotte Flair to become the new SmackDown Women’s Champion.

The match was an intense and physical battle, with both pushing themselves to the limit.

In the match’s final moments, Ripley clutched the opportunity to gain the upper hand by slamming Flair’s head off the top of the ring post.

Rhea Ripley: The Rise of a WWE Superstar [2024 Update] (4)

The move left Flair dazed and vulnerable, allowing Ripley to set up for her signature finisher, the Riptide.

With Flair positioned on the second rope, Ripley executed the move flawlessly, driving Flair to the mat and securing the pinfall victory.


The most popular female superstar on the current WWE roster Rhea Ripley is in relation to AEW’s Buddy Matthews (fka Buddy Murphy).

The pair has been in a relationship since 2022 after meeting in WWE. They quickly fell for each other and are currently one of the most beloved wrestling couples.

Before Buddy, the WWE Superstar, was previously in a relationship with independent wrestler Demetri Jackson. Jackson, whose real name is Kevin, met Ripley at a gym, and the two quickly became close friends.

They eventually confirmed their relationship in October 2019. New to professional wrestling, Demetri, at the time, was learning the ropes of the industry.

Despite the demands of their respective wrestling careers, the duo made time for each other and supported each other’s goals and aspirations.

While their relationship didn’t work out in the long term, the two remain on good terms and continue pursuing their wrestling dreams.

They parted ways in 2022, but the reason for their split is unknown.

A Brief on Buddy Matthews

An Australian professional wrestler Matthew Adams was born on September 26, 1988. He is currently signed to All Elite Wrestling under the ring name Buddy Matthews.

Matthews is a member of the stable House of Black and is also part of the current AEW World Trios Champions along with Malakai Black and Brody King in their first reign.

He formerly competed in WWE under the ring names Murphy and Buddy Murphy, gaining widespread recognition.

He also garnered numerous accolades during his time with the company, including NXT Tag Team Championship and WWE Tag Team Championship.

Rhea Ripley: The Rise of a WWE Superstar [2024 Update] (5)

His partnership with Brody King and Malakai Black in AWE as part of the House of Black stable has earned him significant attention.

Talking about his personal life, he was engaged to Alexis Cabrera, a fellow professional wrestler, before meeting Rhea.

They reportedly ended their engagement in September 2018 but still remain friends.

Rhea Ripley | Net Worth & Income

As February 2024, one of the hottest stars in WWE, Rhea Ripley, has a net worth of $1 million.

Her WWE contract reportedly guarantees her a base pay of around $250,000 annualy.

In addition to her base salary, Ripley also earns income from merchandise sales and appearances on pay-per-view events.

Aside from that, social media paid promotions are also one of the passive income sources. Mami has more than 2.3 million Instagram followers, which can earn her incredibly well in the comfort of her home.

She often collaborates with brands such as Mountain Dew to promote their products, making her a hefty sum of money.

Tom sum up, with her exceptional skills and talent in the ring, this net worth figure of hers will surely go up in the foreseeable future.

Rhea Ripley | Tattoos

Ever since she joined WWE, Rhea has undergone a significant physical transformation. The Eradicator no longer sports long blonde hair.

Ripley has developed a unique and edgy look, complete with a leg sleeve, rib tattoo, and several tattoos on her arms, as well as a lip piercing. This makes her look dangerous and hot at the same time.

Earlier in her career, she was not allowed to have tattoos on her upper body as part of the rule of the promotion company. As a result, Ripley had most of her tattoos on her legs.

However, as the policy changed over time, she has since added a significant number of tattoos to her arms, creating a striking and unique look.

As of this writing, the WWE superstar has around 20 tattoos.

Even though the meaning behind many of her recent tattoos remains hidden, they represent her personality and individuality, reflecting her personal growth and journey as a wrestler and performer.

Here’s the list of her tattoos

  1. Wendigo sleeveon her left leg.
  2. Tattoo of a dog with swords on the back of her leg.
  3. Tattoo on her other forearm of a dark-looking dog- Since Ripley is a fur parent, it’s possible that her dog-inspired arts are by her pets.
  4. Moth behind her thighs.
  5. “Boo Hoo”Lip tattoo.
  6. Rhea Ripley also has a Latin quote above her elbow near the crocodile tattoo.
  7. Claws near her wrist.
  8. Pumpkins on her legs.
  9. A woman with three faces, in the middle of which is seemingly a demon on her thigh.
  10. Abdomen tattoo.
  11. ‘RnR’ tattoo on her fingers.
  12. Other animals that can be seen on her body are crocodiles on her forearm, the opposite of the Motionless in a White tattoo.

Unknown Facts About Rhea Ripley

  • Ripley is a huge fan of the Adelaide Football Club.
  • Apart from wrestling, she is also active in swimming, karate, rugby, netball, and soccer.
  • She made her video game debut as a playable character in WWE 2K20, marking a significant milestone in her career as a professional wrestler. She also appeared as a playable character in WWE 2K Battlegrounds and the latest installments of the franchise, WWE 2K22 and WWE 2K23.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Does Rhea Ripley have a child?

No, Rhea Ripley does not have a child.

How tall is Buddy Matthews?

The Australian wrestler is 5ft 11in/180cm/1.80 meters tall.

Rhea Ripley: The Rise of a WWE Superstar [2024 Update] (2024)


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